Affiliated Labs

Lab University PI
Computational Social Affective Neuroscience Lab Dartmouth College Luke Chang, PhD
Computational Social Neuroscience Lab University of California Los Angeles Carolyn Parkinson, PhD
Computational Social Neuroscience Laboratory University of Oregon Rob Chavez, PhD
The Human Brain & Behavior Laboratory Florida Atlantic University Emmanelle Tognoli, PhD
Perception and Action Neuroscience Group George Mason University James Thompson, PhD
Toronto Decision Neuroscience Lab University of Toronto Cendri Hutcherson, PhD
Computational Psychiatry Unit Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute Read Montague, PhD
Crockett Lab Yale University Molly Crockett, PhD
Social Computation and Prediction Lab Dartmouth College Mark Thornton, PhD
Mutual Understanding Lab Dartmouth College Arjen Stolk, PhD
Precision Psychiatry and Social Physiology team Université de Montréal Guillaume Dumas, PhD
Social Learning & Choice Lab University of Southern California Leor Hackel, PhD
Emotion Cognition and Computation Lab Emory University Philip Kragel, PhD

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