Computational SAN Data Competition 2022

CompSAN is very excited to announce the inaugural SANS 2022 Naturalistic fMRI Data Analysis Challenge. Naturalistic functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) provides a unique opportunity to study the neural basis of social, cognitive, and affective processing. Data from naturalistic conditions are rich and dynamic, and present both an opportunity and a challenge to analysis methods.

This data challenge provides the chance to demonstrate the application of new algorithms and models to naturalistic fMRI data to shed new light on social and affective neural processing at the intra- and/or inter-subject level. We welcome submissions from all levels of imaging experience, from individual trainees new to naturalistic data to groups well established in this approach.

The goals of the challenge include:

  1. Increasing a diversity of analysis approaches in SANS community

  2. Advancing theory development based on computational approaches

  3. Providing a forum for trainees of all levels to develop and explore new computational/analytic skills.

While we are framing this challenge as a competition, we hope that this will be a positive experience for everyone involved.

Please visit the Data Competition website for more details.